Database Structure

  • Call number in the Moravian Museum
  • Call number in the original document owner institution
  • Location of the stored document in the Moravian Museum
  • Location of the stored original document
  • Writer's name
  • Addressee's name
  • Date specified by the writer
  • Letter postal date according to the postmark
  • Letter delivery date according to the postmark
  • Description of the postage stamps
  • Recipient's address written by the writer
  • Re-expedition address
  • Sender's address
  • Postal location according to the postmark
  • Location of the received letter according to the postmark
  • Document classification (a letter, postcard, self-mailer, lettercard, telegram etc.)
  • Number of the document pages
  • Number of the text pages
  • List of attachments
  • Description of the envelope and other attachments
  • Dimensions of all items
  • Palaeographic text description
  • Description of stationery
  • Description of paper (in case of letters, self-mailers etc.)
  • Iconographic description
  • Document damage
  • Document language/s
  • Document text transcript
  • Janáček's notes in the document
  • Other notes in the document
  • Key words (according to the key names, factual list and related situation)
  • Notes
  • English annotation
  • Digital photograph of the whole document